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Reece J. Morant

Co-founder of MARDVIEW Productions

Hailing from the vibrant metropolis of London, Reece is an Actor and a Producer whose roots trace back to one of the world’s cultural hubs. His dynamic performances are a testament to the artistic richness of this iconic city.


With a gymnastics background and a knack for stunts, Reece is a proud graduate of the London College of Music with a degree in Acting BA, is elevating London’s legacy in the world of entertainment to new heights.

Follow the link below to view Adrian's acting resume. 

To contact Adrian you can email MARDVIEW Productions directly. Also, if you are keen on following Adrian's artistic endeavours you can check out his social media channels by following the links below. 




London College of Music, UK

BA Honours in Acting under the course leader, Paul Harvard. 


Kingston College, UK

HNC (Higher National Certification) in Screen and Stage Acting under the course leader, Carlos Santos.

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