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MARDVIEW Productions

About Us

MARDVIEW Productions is an award winning independent production company, aiming at being the leader in innovative, boundary pushing and thought provoking filmmaking and content creating worldwide.

Founded by Adrian Darko and Reece J. Morant - two best mates, actors and adventure junkies who, create films about and for people. MARDVIEW Productions gave them both, a platform to express their thoughts and feelings on today's world and the means to build strong and lasting careers. 

Adrian and Reece started their storytelling and filmmaking journey from creating, co-writing, acting in, and producing a 16-minute short, titled Two Knights.

Today, MARDVIEW Productions examines and questions every and all aspects of the human experience, and with uncapped deposits of creativity deliveries striking work with a promise of a profound and startling experience to our viewers

To learn more about Two Knights, as well as other upcoming projects press the button below.


The Founders

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Adrian Darko


Reece J. Morant


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