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Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer:
Adrian Darko
Reece J. Morant
Tommaso Genovesi
Reece J. Morant
Adrian Darko
Adrian Darko
Reece J. Morant
Michael Hajiantonis
Director of Photography:
Robert Ford

2020: The year when we all experienced a roller coaster of emotions. From battling the invisible enemy COVID-19, the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery ultimately leading to worldwide protest, ongoing military conflicts in Syria, Polish females fighting for their freedom to abortion, and the not so commonly reported issues in Chechnya, where gay people were forced into concentration camps and killed due to nothing more than who they choose to love.

Ultimately Two Knights is a story of two lost and lonely souls that meet after thousands of years of disconnection. Lucifer invites Archangel Michael to a game of chess then rapidly, the innocent meeting brings to surface unhealed wounds. The chess game becomes a psychological battle of warfare, unveiling God's place within the universe; the man who abandoned humankind and let discrimination, hate & fear meander the crevices of our fragile earth. The argument escalates, fully disclosing a taboo no one would predict; the romantic love they share within the eyes of the Lord. What is Good and Evil? Can one sacrifice his life for personal need, or can one find happiness against God's will? Through the gaze of God's trusting solider and enemy the story examines Good and Evil.

Intrigued? Good, then stay tuned as the trailer for Two Knights will be released later this summer.

Currently in the pre-production phase with the filming starting at the end of June and beginning of July 2021, the film is aimed for completion by end of summer 2021.

After the initial festival run the film will be available to view online. We are also working supper hard to make sure that Two Knights becomes available on V.O.D. platforms.​

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