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Two Knights (2022)

16 min   |   English 

Producer: Adrian Darko & Reece J. Morant

Director: Piotr Szkopiak

After being separated for millennia, Lucifer invites Archangel Michael to a seemingly innocent game of chess, which becomes a deeply personal meditation on the nature of good and evil, the love they once shared and their ultimate place in the world.

Two Knights is a psychological drama, conveys a sense of tension and unease within a setting where all is clearly not as it seems.

Two Knights (2022) - Official Trailer
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This compelling short is a fresh cinematic experience that will hopefully make an audience question the historically accepted view of good and evil.

This short film directed by a two-time BAFTA Nominated director Piotr Szkopiak was described as a “Fascinating short film” (African Voice Newspaper UK) and “Excellently acted” (Indyred). Two Knights was met with great reviews from film critics across the globe. To read all the reviews see the list below.

For full 'Cast & Crew' list, list of awards and all other information about Two Knights visit film's official IMDb page by clicking the link below.

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