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Executive Producer:
Adrian Darko
Reece J. Morant
Reece J. Morant
Adrian Darko

Have you ever stopped to think what it means to be home? What is home? This physical theatre play explores the world of human nature and how far we're willing to push ourselves. Through five engaging and multi-lingual separate stories, I Am Home displays the pains and pleasures that we all experience as human beings, that we all suffer the same and no matter where you’re from its all part of the human experience. It is a play which glorifies cultures from all over the globe, celebrating all forms of life no matter what your race, gender or sexuality is.

I Am Home aims to address cosmopolitanism and show the lack of identity in society. Above that it covers themes such as depression, sexuality, rape and gang culture all of which are highly prevalent right now.

It has had a limited run at the Lawrence hall in London when Adrian and Reece were studying at the London College of Music. Since then, the story has been altered, further developed and is in preparation for fringe festivals run during summer 2022.

To stay informed on the further proceedings of I Am Home you can follow our social media profiles, as rehearsals are set to start at February 2022.

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