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Executive Producer:
Adrian Darko
Reece J. Morant
Tommaso Genovesi

Daniel, a young journalist, investigates the mystery of his fiance's murder, while struggling with a major depressive disorder partly caused by his death. As fantasy and reality blur together, Daniel will have to fight his own demons in order to uncover the truth and finally find peace.

The story uncovers the reality of living with severe mental health issues and ones journey into dealing with its pains, while balancing life and love in its purest form. Will Daniel finally come to terms with his lost love, or will he wallow in his manic state?

The story was inspired by Sara Kane's play 4.48 Psychosis, however is not an adaptation or biography rather an appreciation for her art form and approach to post modern theatre.

The completed script has been performed in the form of a rehearsed reading as a means of developing the script. At the current stage the project is in further development and we are planning to start the production process of The Latent Incendiary soon.

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