MARDVIEW Productions


Whilst at London College of Music, Adrian and Reece had a deeper purpose to create art which meant something to them, Art that invoked change within society. They realised that being drama students and stating their opinion wasn’t enough to have a powerful impact in society, so they eventually collaborated and combined their love for acting to create MARDVIEW Productions.

The journey began, and their ability to entertain, educate, and engage struck hard with their rendition of Sara Kane's 44.8 Psychosis at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre. This kicked off their passion as they received many good reviews from peers and local theatre goers and furthermore had people approach them stating how their work had changed their outlook on life. From here they realised the power of storytelling.

As well as being producers, Adrian and Reece are both fully trained actors, voice over and physical theatre artists and are using MARDVIEW Productions as a platform to display their talents as well as others working alongside them.